Golfer hitting golf

The Golf Clinic

Having provided specialist physiotherapy to golfers at charity events our Clinical Lead, Jack, decided to further his training in golf specific physiotherapy and has achieved certification on the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) programme. The benefits for the golfer are golf specific assessment and rehabilitation, focussing on the Body-Swing Connection™ as developed by the TPI. 


Your golf specific session will last one hour, during which we will take a detailed history of your problem, as well as a full medical history. We then use an unique 16 stage screen to determine what, if any, of your physical characteristics may be restricting your elements of your swing. Following this, specific exercises are prescribed to help resolve your complaint, and hopefully improve your game. We then follow your progress and, where indicated, prescribe further strength and conditioning exercises with Dan, our personal trainer, in our rehabilitation gym.


We have fantastic links with some of the leading golf professionals in the region, who are more than willing to help in your pursuit of the perfect 18 holes!

One of our associates is Chris Fletcher, Senior PGA Teaching Professional, based at Trafford Golf Centre - Europe's busiest driving range. Chris is a fantastic coach and a great advocate of incorporating our approach into golf training. Check him out at at Improve My Golf.