Hip & Groin Pain

Pain in the hip and groin affects millions of people worldwide, and the causes can be wide-ranging. Thankfully, there are treatments out there for the vast majority of problems, and we would always recommend getting a full assessment with a health care professional who can direct you towards the most effective treatment.

Common causes of hip and groin pain are:

1. Arthritis in the hip joint

2. Lower back problems

3. Hernia

4. Pregnancy - pelvic girdle pain

5. Bursitis

6. Muscle and tendon injuries

Treatment will differ from problem to problem, but on the whole we offer joint mobilisations, exercises, pelvic & core strengthening programmes, Pilates, electrotherapy, injections, self-management techniques amongst others to address your pain. 

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*The information on this page is not a substitute for medical advice and we advise people to seek help for any complaint from one of our physiotherapists or other suitably qualified clinician.

hip & groin pain