intra-articular injection

Injection Therapy

At Delta Physiotherapy we offer two types of injection therapy:

1. Joint and soft tissue injections

These are the most common type of therapeutic injections in musculoskeletal medicine, and are used primarily to reduce pain and inflammation, improve function, and quicken a return to normal activity.

The injection usually consists of a steroid and a local anaesthetic. The steroid helps to reduce inflammation, whilst the anaesthetic relieves pain and aids with the comfort of the injection.

These injections are proven to be useful in arthritis, frozen shoulder, trigger thumb/finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and meralgia paraesthetica. 

2. Viscosupplementation

The purpose of viscosupplementation is to aid the lubrication of arthritic joints where the synovial fluid is often low or absent. By doing this, these injections can ease pain and increase function in those with arthritic or stiff joints.

The injection consists of an inert substance called hyaluronan, which helps to provide lubrication to the joint surfaces which in turns helps to reduce pain and improve the function of the joint.

At Delta Physiotherapy we exclusively use Ostenil™ injections for viscosupplementation, as we have found it the most cost-effective on the market. 

It should be stated that in most cases, injection therapy is most effective when used alongside an appropriate physiotherapy programme.