Strength & Conditioning/ Personal Training 

Here at Delta Physiotherapy we focus on building health and fitness on an individual level. Our Fitness Professional will provide personalised programmes and will support you throughout this on a one-to-one basis. Part of our physiotherapy mission is to get people to move more, and in that regard we are pleased to offer exceptional functional personal training and strength & conditioning in a environment supported by physiotherapy, massage and Pilates. Our trainer, Dan, is an experienced strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer who has made it his mission to get people fitter, faster, and stronger.

Services Offered:

Strength & Conditioning

Weight Loss and Management

Speed and Agility Training

Body Composition

Core Strength

Cardio Fitness

We are registered with all major insurance providers

Address: 44 Bell Lane, Bury. BL9 6BA

Tel: 0161 641 3900

   Appointments available  

   Mon: 8.00am- 4pm

Tues- Thurs: 8.00am- 7.30pm  Fri: 8.00am- 6pm

 Sat: 8am-12 noon

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