Our physiotherapists will utilise a number of different approaches depending on the nature of the your complaint. These are:

Manual therapy

Such as mobilisations and manipulations, a ‘hands on’ treatment

Exercise rehabilitation

Using specific exercises to accelerate healing time and return from injury

Injection therapy 

Often used to allow manual therapy and exercise to be more effective, this can be in the form of steroid injections or Ostenil® viscosupplementation.


Such as heat, extracorporeal shockwave, and ultrasound.



To reduce pain and muscle spasm.


Event Physiotherapy

If you’re holding a sporting event or activity, consider us to provide your physiotherapy and first aid needs, as we are experienced in this particular area. Jack, our Clinical Lead Physiotherapist, helps to provide physiotherapy and first aid to charities such as The Dallaglio Foundation, Beefy’s Charity Foundation, and GroceryAid, often at cycling and golf events. If the event is for good causes, we do not look to profit from such ventures, just to cover the cost of the services and equipment we provide.


Occupational Health

We recognise and advocate the importance of a healthy workforce, and appreciate the impact that ill health can have on a company’s ability to deliver their objectives. To that point, we offer a comprehensive occupational health service for musculoskeletal injuries. We can help reduce time off work, prevent time off work, and accelerate a return to work after injury. We provide in-depth reports on a patient’s complaint and their ability to perform their duties at initial assessment, interim, and discharge. We offer a discounted rate on multiple sessions required. Please contact our Business Manager Hannah Butt for further details.