Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Senior Strength & Conditioning Course

What is it?

The Senior Strength & Conditioning course was designed from the ground up, to be a gentle yet suitably challenging experience for senior members of the public looking to feel and MOVE better.

Who is it for?

Anyone over the age of 55 looking to protect their bodies from some of the everyday challenges effecting all of us. Senior Strength & Conditioning has been designed to improve overall vitality, reducing risks of injury whilst safe guarding against diseases ranging from heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.

What is involved? 

Our S&C works by guiding participants through a weekly training class on a 6 week block during which participants learn to use their bodies the right way. The weekly classes are delivered to small groups so as to keep the level of attention and support to the absolute maximum. During the class the trainer will teach you about the body, it's mechanisms and explain the 'WHY's' of each and every exercise being performed. 


The course has been built with progressive goals in mind, with them challenging each participant through the weeks. With the programme being delivered in an approachable, not intimidating manner this course has all your bases covered. You will be guided and instructed to complete various types of exercises ranging from traditional strength training to Yoga & Pilates. 

Booking a place.

As we are continually adding new classes to the timetable we recommend you to contact our admin team on 0161 641 3900 if you are interested in booking a place.

At the time of booking our admin team will ask you a few health questions. This is to enable us to ensure you are placed in a class with participants of a similar ability.

Payment for the full course is taken on attending the first class.